Crocidura leucodon CC BY-SA 3.0 I, Dodoni (

Bicoloured shrew


The snout-vent length is 65 to 85 mm, the tail length 28 to 43 mm and the weight 7 to 15 g. The upperparts are brown-grey, the flanks and the underparts are sharply contrasting white-grey.


The bicoloured shrew inhabits woodland-free, extensively used open habitats such as fallow land, abandoned grassland, roadsides, fields and gardens from lowland to about 700 m altitude. At certain times of the year, the animals move to areas with more cover and humid terrain. Especially in the area of the northern range limit, the species is closely tied to human settlements; in Poland, for example, it is much more common in larger towns than in small towns and villages. In the rest of the species' range, houses are visited mainly for hibernation.


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