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Check roadkills

Citizen Scientists can immediately see any report on our online map (in German) and also comment if there is any ambiguity, e.g. if a report has not been drawn on a road, the animal has been incorrectly identified or it may not be a roadkill at all. If there is something you notice about a report, we invite you to note it in a polite and appreciative comment.

How can you comment?

To comment on a report, you must first log in. On our online map or in the app, please click on a report. The complete report will appear immediately on the left-hand side of the online map or in the lower section of the app. At the very bottom of this area you will find the "Comments" field. Here you can leave your comment or give other comments a "heart" if you support them. Of course, you are also welcome to reply to others' comments and thus start an appreciative discussion.

The Roadkill Community looks forward to your views and expertise if you would like to share them with us. You are also welcome to ask questions about the reports.

We in the project team also look at each report and check it. If the report is plausible, the report is marked with a green tick and can no longer be changed. This is important because further analyses are based on these reports and changing the data afterwards would make the results no longer comprehensible.