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Report roadkills

The core of the project Roadkill is the reporting of roadkill via apps or online forms. All questions and analyses in the project are based on this. The reports are made by Citizen Scientists who see roadkill animals on their daily routes and report them. It is important to note that only vertebrates that have clearly been killed by road traffic in Austria can be reported. 

Click here to go directly to the report of an animal (in German):

In order to report a roadkill, you must first register. All you need is an email address, a user name and a password. Reporting can be done via apps for iOS and Android smartphones, or simply via the internet browser. Our website and apps are developed by Spotteron. If you already have an account with a Spotteron app, you can also use it in our online entry form or in the apps. 

Now more specifically, how can you join in?

Project Roadkill is available as an Android app for your smartphone in the Google Play Store as a free download:

A separate app is also available free of charge for iPhones in the iTunes Store:

You can also use our online entry form (in German).

Before you can actively participate using the Spotteron App, you need to register or log in. As described above, we only need a username, email and password for registration or your existing Spotteron account. If you are driving on a road in Austria and observe a dead animal that has been hit by a vehicle, simply report it via our app for Android or iOS or via the online form on the project website. You can do this on the spot, or you can make a note of the spot and enter the data at home on a computer with an internet connection.

However, always pay attention to your own safety! Do not enter any spots while you are driving yourself; do not take a photo on unclear stretches of road; always pay attention to the traffic and do not risk anything to enter a new spot! Your safety always comes first!

Download the app instructions from Spotteron:

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If you have any further questions about the exact process of data submission, please send us an email.

How can I avoid roadkills?

You can already do a few things to avoid roadkills. If you know that amphibian migrations are taking place on your route, reduce your speed to be able to react in time to animals on the road. As amphibian migration usually takes place at night and often in rainy weather, the animals are usually difficult to spot in time. Whether frogs and toads survive if you "take them between the tyres" is not completely clear. On the one hand, dead animals that seem to have burst due to negative pressure are found again and again, on the other hand, a study from Australia with cane toads suggests that the animals do survive. You can find more details here in German:

If you would like to get more involved in the protection of frogs, toads, newts, etc. along roads, you are sure to find an association in your area that maintains amphibian protection fences along roads and would be happy to have your help. A very good platform for finding associations or identifying amphibians and reptiles is also the forum at

Most wildlife accidents happen at twilight, so drive especially carefully then and pay more attention to the edges of the road. The signs "Achtung Wildwechsel" indicate particularly dangerous places and should be taken seriously, even if you have never seen game there yourself.

Many thanks at this point to the developers of Spotteron for the easy-to-use and reliable apps and the website.