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Annual analyses

Roadkill reports will be analysed once a year, focusing on detailed information on the surrounding landscapes of the five most frequently reported species and the type of road on which the animals were reported. The surrounding landscape and the type of road (e.g. motorway, interurban) on which roadkills were reported contribute to the understanding of the influence of the landscape and various road features on biodiversity.

In addition, all citizen scientists in the project can vote once a year on which research topics from the past basic analyses they find most attractive.  The research topic with the most votes will serve as the basis for a new technical article. To do this, the underlying questions and observations in the research topic are first refined into a research question by the research team together with the submitters. This research question will then be worked on and developed into a scientific article. We invite you to participate in the entire process according to your possibilities and time resources.

Here you will find annual analyses from March 2023 onwards.