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The size is between 4.5 and 5.8 cm with a wingspan of 26 to 29 cm and a weight of 6 to 13 g. It got its name from the pug-like snout. Their fur and flight skins are almost black, the ventral side dark grey. Barbastelle bats also have white tips on their backs, giving them a frosted appearance. The ears are broad (trapezoidal) and fused at the base. 


The roosts of the barbastelle bat are usually in forests. In particular, hiding places behind bark and in cracks in the trunk are used. Tree hollows, on the other hand, are of lesser importance. The bat species most frequently uses roosts in old and deadwood-rich oak and beech forests. Habitat trees in young oak forests are also frequently used. The stands, which are at the end of the differentiation phase, usually have large amounts of weak, standing deadwood. In addition to natural habitats, anthropogenic roosting opportunities such as bat flat boxes or window shutters are also accepted.

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