Siebenschläfer (Glis glis) CC BY-SA 4.0 Herwig Winter (äfer#/media/Datei:Siebenschläfer_im_Geo-Naturpark_Bergstraße-Odenwald.jpg)



The appearance of this animal is reminiscent of squirrels and grey squirrels. But the dormouse is much smaller, has large black eyes, roundish ears and a less bushy tail. The face has no markings but long tactile hairs. The foot pads of these animals are always slightly moist and are such that dormice can climb trees and walls without any problems. The animals live up to 9 years and reach a weight of 70 to 160 g. The snout-vent length is 13 is 13 to 18 cm, plus the 11 to 15 cm long tail.


These animals are found in deciduous forests or large gardens (ideal: orchards). The dormouse likes to find its sleeping quarters in tree holes, nesting aids and also under the roofs of houses. While it sleeps there during the day, it tends to run around at night and can make so much noise that it could be attributed to an adult human, such as a burglar, and not to such a small animal.

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