Erdmaus (Microtus agrestis) CC BY-SA 3.0 Fer boei (

Field vole


The field vole is slightly larger on average than the very similar field mouse and the coat is slightly darker, looser and longer haired. The snout-vent length is 95-133 mm, the tail length 26-47 mm, the length of the hind foot 16-19 mm and the ear length 11-14 mm. The animals weight 20-47 g, rarely up to 55 g. The fur is dark brown on top, occasionally reddish brown. The underpart is whitish, occasionally with a yellowish tinge.


The field vole prefers relatively damp and cool habitats, in Central Europe above all sparse forests, clearings, grassy meadows and wet meadows, and of all the small mammals of Central Europe it enters upland moors the furthest. It occurs in the Alps up to 1800 m altitude.

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