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Domestic cat


The characteristics of the domestic cat vary according to the area of distribution. In the bred forms they depend on the breed standards, in the synanthropic domestic cats they are subject to the respective selection pressure, which depends on the natural environmental conditions.

Domestic cats average about 50 cm in length (snout-vent length) and 4 kg in weight with a wide range of variation from about 2.5 kg to about 8 kg. Males are slightly larger than females. The length of the tail is about 25 to 30 cm. The shoulder height is 30 to 35 cm. In areas of distribution with colder climates, the cats are generally heavier and larger, in warmer areas they are lighter. 

The domestic cat in the wild type has an m-shaped pattern on the forehead, " kajal " lines going from the eyes to the side, a dark dorsal stripe and dark horizontal stripes (or also spots) on the sides of the body. Legs and tail are also dark banded. Their colour varies from grey-black to warm brown tones. Besides the wild type described above, other markings and a variety of coat colours have evolved. In Europe, North America and Australia, the tabby pattern predominates, often combined with a partial white colouring.

The ears of the domestic cat stand upright, are broad at the base, triangular in shape and slightly rounded at the tips. They can be turned independently in different directions as well as laid completely flat against the back of the head. The eyes are directed forward and thus enable spatial vision.


As a pet or domestic animal, the domestic cat is found worldwide in almost all areas populated by humans. As a wild or feral animal, however, it can only live in climatically warm or temperate zones independent of supporting human influences. It is considered as a synanthropic animal.

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