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Kathrin Horvath

Title: Hotspotanalyse und Resultate von Amphibien- und Reptilien-Roadkills im Nordburgenland anhand von Daten aus dem Citizen Science Projekt Roadkill und CORINE Land Cover.


Every year, more than 100,000 amphibians are killed on the roads of Austria due to traffic collisions on their way to their spawning grounds. Reptiles are also affected by such kills, so-called roadkills. Mapping is associated with a high personnel and financial expense, therefore there are gaps in current knowledge e.g. concerning migration routes of amphibians. So-called hotspots, e.g. road sections on which a high number of individuals are killed by the traffic, are only rarely known. Therefore, to be able to implement targeted and efficient protection measures on traffic routes, the knowledge of a connection between typified land uses such as CORINE land use classes and the occurrence of roadkill can make an important contribution to identifying the threats of those animal groups on certain road sections. Generating hotspots using roadkill data and the KDE + software could make the identification more precise and cost-effective.

The aim of this study was to find possible statistical connections between the occurrence of roadkill and land use classes by means of conditional probability and generalized linear models (GLM) with Poisson distribution. For this purpose, during a period of 19 months, identified roadkill was collected on a 97.5 km route in northern Burgenland and entered into an application. Hotspots were generated using KDE + software. The results of the statistical evaluation were compared with the generated hotspots and checked for plausibility.

A connection between the occurrence of roadkills and land use classes was found only in reptiles. Due to the high dependence of amphibians on their spawning grounds, the identification of Roadkill Hotspots with this method is not recommended. In order to be able to make statements regarding the identification of amphibious hotspots, an intersection of KDE +, CORINE land use classes and water body data should be carried out subsequently.

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