Brown Hare (European) Smudge 9000


How to identify a roadkilled hare?

Hares are about 50 cm long. The coat color is variable yellowish gray, ocher-brown or reddish-brown with yellow shades and black speckled. The underside is creamy white. The ears are pale gray and show at the top a black, roughly triangular spot. The tail is black on the upper side and white on the lower side. In winter coat, the sides of the head, including the base of the ears are white and the hips are grayish.

Hares are thrown because of their size, either at the side or the middle of the road and are often run over several times. Identifying features are the size, coat color, the long ears and hind legs. The ears and the hind legs usually remain in often run over or longer lying animals and serve as a good identifying feature.

Why are hares killed on roads?

The main reason for the high number of roadkilled hares is probably the strong fragmentation of their habitat. In Lower Austria and Burgenland roads often lead along fields and wasteland, the main habitat of hares. Hares are very active, therefore often change roadsides and are usually active at dawn. The hare is a very fast animal, in the run he can reach speeds up to 70 km / h. If the hare tries to cross a road, it can appear suddenly in front of a vehicle that no time for a breaking maneuver remains. In addition hares try to escape their pursuers by running zigzag, a very successful strategy in the animal kingdom, but on the road it proves to be counterproductive. 



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