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Pine Marten

How to identify a roadkilled pine marten?

Differences pine marten vs. stone marten:

  •      Nose is dark. The nose of the stone marten is flesh-colored.
  •      Throat-patch is yellow to yellow-red, and rounded on the bottom. Stone martens have a white throat patch and the bottom deeply forked (no secure identification feature).
  •      Pine marten: underside of the paws are hairy (bales covered). Stone marten: bales are visible.
  •      The pine marten is considered to avoid humans and therefore prefers large closed forests.
  •      The stone marten is considered typical synanthropic therefore occurs in villages and big cities.

Why pine martens are killed on roads?

Pine martens are crepuscular and nocturnal, so with the dark coat they are very hard to see on the road. Pine martens compared to stone martens are rarely run over as they avoid people and occur mainly in large forests and there in the treetops.