Berlin Siemensstadt Sludge G via Flickr

Stone Marten

How to identify a roadkilled stone marten?

Differences pine marten vs. stone marten:

  • Nose is flesh-colored. The nose of the pine marten is dark.
  • Throat-patch is white and the bottom deeply forked. Pine martens have a yellow to yellow-red throat patch and the bottom is rounded (no secure identification feature).
  • Stone marten: bales are visible. Pine marten: underside of the paws are hairy (bales covered). 
  • The stone marten is considered typical synanthropic therefore occurs in villages and big cities.
  • The pine marten is considered to avoid humans and therefore prefers large closed forests.

Why stone martens are killed on roads?

Stone martens are mainly nocturnal and move, in contrast to the pine marten, preferably on the ground. Stone martens are known that they like to climb in engine compartments of cars and damage cables or hoses. Therefore, and because they also like to stay in attics or barns, stone martens are often seen near streets.