Badger CC by Peter Trimming via Flickr

European Badger

How to identify a roadkilled European badger?

Badgers are easy to identify by their characteristic coat patterns. Badgers have a black and white drawn head. From the corners of its mouth, the black stripes first run straight up and on both sides of the snout to the back. These stripes widen above the eyes and the white-rimmed ears to the neck, where they are brighter and extend into the silvery gray of the top and the flanks.

In addition, badgers can be identified by the trunk-like snout and rich grave paws. The forefeet also have long down curved claws.

The confusion with other species is hardy given.

Why badgers are killed on roads?

Badgers are mainly nocturnal and often inhabit burrows near settlements or in settlements themselves. Badgers do not feed, like other marten species, just on meat (earthworms, insects and sometimes small mammals), but also on plants (grain and crops of all kinds, roots, fruit, berries and many more). Because of this broad food spectrum badgers are often found in gardens and fields. The proximity to the people inevitably leads to crossings of roads in the dark.


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