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Team Blog X - Valentin Jaquemar

My name is Valentin Jaquemar, I am a student at the BG/BRG Tulln and have been passionately involved in many Citizen Science projects since May 2020.

As good as possible I try to go for a walk or a bike ride every day, so that I don't miss anything in nature. Spiders, bees, mushrooms, and plants are among my most frequent photo subjects, sometimes also roadkills. What motivates me is the fight against environmental pollution, climate change, dead animals due to humans and much more that we have to prevent. Here I see Roadkill and other citizen science projects as a good way to improve the world in everyday life.

I started the project because my uncle had contributed significantly to the development of the project. Together with the platform Spotteron, where he works, this project was put on a solid foundation. He himself is always busy collecting data for many projects. I also try to motivate others to participate so that more research can be done, because the way how many animals and climate are treated has to change immediately!

I really hope that through this project more people will become aware of the roadkill problem, that would be really desirable. Or that people simply ride their bikes more often, that would protect the environment and climate.

I think the app and website are very well done, Spotteron has done a great job in my opinion! What I think would be really great is that the number of your own spots should be shown in the profile and that the total number of all spots should be shown on the online map.

Here are a few impressions of my walks:

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