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Team Blog II – Alex Hanke

Alex Hanke lives in Canada and has been adding roadkills to our database for several months.

I am a fisheries scientist and consequently I use data on a daily basis to understand and hopefully increase the abundance of the wild fish populations I help manage. I love the outdoors and nature  and I am concerned by the impact man has on wildlife. It has occurred to me on my commute to work that there are a lot of animals killed each year by cars and trucks and that I should start keeping track to see what the impact is and if there are any patterns in the mortality. Project roadkill provided me with a straightforward tool for tracking roadkills and for contributing to the science that may help reduce the unnecessary roadside mortality. The tool could be improved by including wildlife native to my area and by allowing the user to download the submitted data to a file. Because I do not log the roadkill while I am driving, it would be helpful to be able to enter the coordinates manually later. The app should also make note of any local conditions that affect the observed mortality rate like the posted speed limit, roadkill cleanup or deer fencing. I hope the project continues well into the future and that more people support it.

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