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Team Blog I – Claus Schindler

My name is Claus Schindler and I am 52 years old, I am professional photographer in Zwettl (Austria). In 2015, as a volunteer Red Cross employee, I often travelled from Zwettl to Horn with a dialysis patient. This is the route through the Allentsteig military training area, where there was a roadkill to be photographed almost every time.

How did I get to the Roadkill project?

I think I heard a broadcast on Ö1 about a Brit who was eating roadkills, so I searched the internet.

What experience have I had with the project so far?

I think the project is important because it might help prevent accidents. Negative at the beginning was the waiting time until the roadkill was on the map, but this was improved.

What motivates me to be part of this project?

In addition to the photographic task, it is motivating to be able to participate in a scientific project on a low-threshold basis.


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