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The correct identification of roadkilled animal species is often a real challenge. Sometimes only traces of the animal are preserved or the animal is already so destroyed that a correct identification of the species is hardly possible anymore.

Our profiles of the most frequently reported animal species are a help here.

But not only a mix-up of animal species often happens in the project Roadkill, but also the mix-up of roadkilled animals and objects. So it has already happened to us that a snake on the street suddenly turned out to be a piece of hose, or we stopped to report a mammal, just to realize that it was a lost brown wool sweater.

On this page we want to collect the most frequent mix-ups of animals and objects that have been roadkilled in order to sharpen our eyes for roadkills even more.

If you have already seen objects in front of the camera lens that look like the roadkilled animals from a distance, please send us photos of them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hedgehog vs. manure

Seen from a distance, it is not clear enough whether it is an animal. But if you look closer, you can see that the hedgehog's alleged spines were only the straw in the manure.

Please click on photos to enlarge them:

Frog vs. fallen fruit

Here, too, you can hardly see what it is about from a distance. Roadkilled frogs such as the common toad or the green toad are often severely destroyed or already dried out and difficult to determine. A confusion in autumn with fallen fruit such as an apple cannot therefore be ruled out from a distance and can only be avoided on closer inspection.

Another example in the photo gallery is the possibility of confusing a dried banana peel with a frog in rainy weather. Many thanks to our participant DiDoDa for this hint and the photos.

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Snake vs. hose

If you are travelling by car or bicycle, you can hardly tell a hose or bent branch on the road from a snake. But when you get closer, you can quickly see whether it is one of these protected animals or just a lost piece of hose or a fallen branch. If it is a hose, we would be grateful if you could take it with you and dispose it professionally to avoid garbage in nature.

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Small mammal vs. cones

Another example comes from our participant DiDoDa, who observed this interesting confusion of a cone with a small mammal. Viewed from a distance, there may be some confusion, as the brown colour and size may indicate a small mammal.

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Crow vs. plastic fleece

It is often almost impossible to tell the difference between rubbish and roadkilled animals when sitting in a moving car. In the photos, for example, the black plastic fleece or the plastic foil really looks like a crow from a distance. The first impressive example comes from our participant DiDoDa, the second from Mamabird. If it really is plastic, we would be grateful if you could take it with you and to dispose of it professionally in order to avoid waste in nature.

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Blackbird vs. dirt

This somewhat unusual possibility of confusion was sent to us by our participant Mamabird. Here blackbirds seem to lie next to the sidewalk from a distance, but if you get closer you can see that the dirt has fallen off tractor tyres (loamy soil in the tyre profile).

Please click on photos to enlarge them:

Bird vs. glove

Really confusingly alike in these photos are an old working glove made of leather and a dove. Our participant DiDoDa stopped with the car to enter an alleged pigeon into the database, only to find an old glove on the road.

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Frog vs. caterpillar

These mix-ups happen again and again: larger invertebrates look like vertebrates from a distance. In this case our participant DiDoDa reported the confusion of a frog with the caterpillar of a (presumably) Hyles galii.

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